The New Diplomacy Initiative

The New Diplomacy Initiative is a think tank seeking to inspire a diversity of voices in political and diplomatic issues between the United States and Japan as well as throughout East Asia.

The New Diplomacy Initiative disseminates information and makes policy proposals that reflect a wide and varied range of voices. To realize these policies, the New Diplomacy Initiative works directly to influence both domestic and international governments, congresses, universities, policy institutes, NGOs, mass media, and others.

The New Diplomacy Initiative gathers and disseminates information relating to politics and diplomacy across international boundaries. There is much information that does not flow through existing diplomatic and mass media channels, and the New Diplomacy Initiative collects information from the international community to distribute domestically in Japanese, as well as distributing pertinent Japanese information abroad in English.

Major Topics Handled
by the New Diplomacy Initiative:

  • Issues concerning U.S. military bases in Japan
  • TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
  • History Issues
  • Territorial issues
  • Energy issues (natural energy, nuclear energy, etc.)
  • Nuclear issues on the Korean peninsula ? the six-party talks
  • Abolishment of nuclear weapons and others

* The New Diplomacy Initiative is a non-profit NGO affiliated with no particular religious or political group, organization, corporation, or individual.