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We need your support. If you have thought of any of the below:

  • The present ways of disseminating information are not sufficient for achieving true mutual understanding between Japan, the United States, and the other East Asian countries;
  • The information Japan is sending overseas and receiving from other countries on issues like politics, society, and foreign relations should be better substantiated;
  • Working with the various organizations, congressmen, and people in the United States and Japan;
  • Collecting and distributing information on foreign issues proactively;

Please feel free to contact us, work with us, or use our services.

1. Making a Donation

We greatly appreciate any and all donations towards this new effort.

2. Becoming a Member

Annual Membership Fees: General Members - USD120: Special Members - USD 600; Group Members -USD1,200

[Membership Benefits]

  • New Diplomacy Initiative's e-mail bi-weekly newsletter (Japanese)
  • Members-only events (e.g. conferences with the directors or experts on foreign policies)
  • Discounts and priority attendance for events and lectures held by the New Diplomacy Initiative, etc.

[Special/Group Membership Benefits]

  • We will assist you in formulating policy proposals, lobbying efforts, information collection and dissemination to the media, translation, interpretation, etc. in Japan and other countries. (Fees vary upon each request, so please contact our office if you have any inquiries.)
    It is about a special member and an organization member here.

Becoming a Member

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