Services for Special and
Group Members

The New Diplomacy Initiative will help members implement policies by engaging in a range of promotional activities across international borders including lobbying, collection of information, and communication to media.

Our activities:

  • Policy proposal to the United States Congress, introductions to American Congressman and various American experts, arrangement of interviews, meetings and invitations.
  • Arrangement of visits to Washington D.C. (including Congressional sessions and meetings, press conferences with American media, and arrangement of interviews with American officials, Congressman, and experts)
  • Organizing symposiums and workshops in Japan and overseas.
  • Arrangement of coverage by overseas media.
  • Arrangement of study tours overseas.
  • Arrangement of interviews for journalists and media.
  • Publication in newspapers. (including design and translation of content and language appropriate to the country of publication)
  • Research:
    -Monitoring of proceedings in the United States Congress (including but not limited to: deliberations concerning the redeployment of Marines in Okinawa to Guam, radiation problems after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and committee meetings on Japanese participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership)
    -Monitoring of proceedings in the Japanese Diet.
    -Survey on industry groups, corporations, NGOs, and prominent public figures, including arrangement of cooperation with them.
    -Monitoring of overseas media.
  • Translation of websites, twitter feeds, studies, and publication in overseas media. (including periodical translation such as a yearly contract for website and twitter translation)
  • Arrangement of overseas coverage for Japanese media.

Major Topics handled by the New Diplomacy Initiative:

  • Issues concerning U.S. military bases in Japan and the Status of Forces Agreement
  • TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
  • History Issues
  • Territorial issues
  • Energy issues (natural energy, nuclear energy, etc.)
  • Nuclear issues on the Korean peninsula - the six-party talks
  • Abolishment of nuclear weapons and others

How to use the services:

The services above are available for special and group members of the New Diplomacy Initiative.

Charges vary depending on each service and time period required, so please contact our office if you have any inquiries.

Please let us know your name, affiliation, address, e-mail, phone number, and membership type (Special, or Group). Please transfer the membership fees to the account below.

Annual membership fees:
Special members: 60,000 yen/year
Group members: 120,000 yen/year

Money Transfer Account

From Japan Post Account:
Japan Post Account Number: 00190-3-633335
Account Name: New Diplomacy Initiative

* Please transfer the funds after filling in the payment form provided by the post office.

From Other Japanese Bank Accounts:
Japan Post Bank, branch number 019, Checking Account (Touza Koza) 0633335
Account Name: New Diplomacy Initiative